Il Pastaio Restaurant Beverly Hills

Il Pastaio is a renowned Italian restaurant located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California. The name “Il Pastaio” translates to “the pasta maker” in Italian, reflecting the restaurant’s specialty. It is owned by the famous Drago family and has been serving mouthwatering pasta dishes since its establishment in 1994.

The restaurant began by serving simple, authentic pasta dishes inspired by the rhythm of the seasons and fine ingredients. The Dragos, raised in the small town of Galati Mamertino, were surrounded by the fragrance of ripened tomatoes, the richness of olives, freshly handmade rolled pasta, and many cheeses and wines typical of the region. This upbringing is reflected in their menu, which includes divinely rich pumpkin ravioli, smooth and sensual squid ink risotto, and even the traditional house favorite spicy tomato sauce – arrabbiata.

Over time, Il Pastaio has expanded its menu to serve many current, appreciated, and requested main course dishes such as a selection of meats and poultry, fresh fish, gluten-free pastas, and a bevy of specialty desserts. The kitchen prides itself on being adaptable to all diners’ needs and special requests.

The restaurant has been praised by Gourmet Magazine as “a taste of heaven,” with the cooks in Il Pastaio’s kitchen described as having “angel’s hands”. Los Angeles Magazine critics’ choice ranked it as “one of the top ten restaurants”.

Il Pastaio is not just about food; it’s also about the experience. The bustling hotspot is as close to an Italian nonna’s kitchen as you can get within the 90210 zip code. The tiramisu is described as a cloud of coffee-soaked heaven, and the cannoli are like love letters from Sicily. In conclusion, Il Pastaio is a symphony of sensory delights, a culinary journey that transcends the borders of Beverly Hills and lands you straight into the heart of Italy.

The restaurant also features a private dining area – simply called “The Olive Room” which seats 30 guests and showcases a wine room that houses fourteen hundred bottles of wine and spirits. It’s no wonder this friendly neighborhood trattoria has been a favorite meeting place for locals and visitors alike.


Located at 400 N Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, Il Pastaio is open from Monday to Thursday 11:30 am–11:00 pm, Friday to Saturday 11:30 am–12:00 am, and Sunday 11:30 am–10:00 pm.

For reservations or more information, you can contact them at (310) 205-5444.

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Excellent restaurant
8 months ago

The lunch was superb, complemented by a delightful atmosphere. The staff went above and beyond to cater to our needs. The warm and special treatment you receive there is unparalleled.

Great ristorante, popular hangout
8 months ago

I found this Beverly Hills restaurant to be quite the hotspot. Securing a table can be a challenge due to its popularity. The salad was a delightful start, offering a crisp and flavorful experience. The risotto that followed was equally impressive, striking the perfect balance between richness and flavor.

I also had the chance to sample their homemade pasta, though I’m unsure if they offer a gluten-free variant. The service was commendable and the food, simply delicious. I’m eager to return and explore more of their menu offerings.

The interior can get a bit noisy and crowded, but the outdoor seating provides an entertaining opportunity for people-watching. Despite not accepting reservations, the service remains efficient. However, be prepared for a longer wait in the evening.

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